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Welcome To San Michele Salentino


The purpose of the Code of Ethics of the Welcome To San Michele Salentino Association is to complement and complete the rules of the Statute and Regulations with the principles that give meaning to being together in the Association System and strongly bind its components with those expressed in the WORLD CODE OF ETHICS OF TOURISM .

The complexity of the socio-economic context and the need to keep the interests represented high in consideration, reinforce the importance of clearly defining the values and responsibilities that Welcome to San Michele Salentino recognizes, accepts, shares and assumes, thus contributing to the process of economic development and civil growth of the country.

Welcome to San Michele Salentino fully recognizes itself in the principles and values enshrined in the Constitution of the Italian Republic and stands with a sense of responsibility and moral integrity to contribute to the economic, civil and democratic growth of the country, in an economy based on free initiative. and which recognizes the social function of the free market.

Welcome to San Michele Salentino rejects any relationship with criminal or mafia organizations and with subjects who resort to conduct contrary to the law.

The members who adhere to the organization system of the association reject and oppose any form of extortion, usury or other types of crime, carried out by anyone and by criminal or mafia organizations, and collaborate with the police and institutions, denouncing , also with the assistance of Welcome to San Michele Salentino, any episode of illegal activity of which they are taxable.

In this sense, the association commits itself and its bodies, associates, members and employees to be shared and involved in the pursuit of the objectives, adopting behavior models inspired by integrity and ethics, preserving and increasing the reputation of the entrepreneurial class as an autonomous, responsible and ethically correct social force.

ART. 1-General duties

All components of the association's organizational system are required to:

to adopt models of behavior inspired by moral, ethical and professional integrity;

1) to act with a spirit of judgment free from external conditioning and based on respect for the constitutional and euro unitary principles, the laws of the State, on the values and norms of the Association and on its growth and development objectives in the interest of progress civil, social and economic of the country and the community;

2) to remove the obstacles that prevent the wider and more effective participation of women and young entrepreneurs in associative life;

3) to interpret their role with ethics, a spirit of service and in compliance with the prerogatives and duties connected to it;

4) to work to ensure that the provisions contained in this Code of Ethics are fully respected and implemented, both within the Association and each associated organization, as well as with the entities and companies of their direct emanation or under their direct control.

The organizations associated with Welcome to San Michele Salentino are required to adapt their Statute to the provisions of this Code of Ethics and the Welcome to San Michele Salentino Statute.

ART. 2-Duties of the members

In being part of the organizational system of the association, the members undertake to take into account, in all their professional and associative behavior, the repercussions of this behavior on the entire business and on the entire system.

They therefore undertake:

as entrepreneurs:

• to apply laws and employment contracts; to behave fairly towards their collaborators, favoring their professional growth and safeguarding their safety at work;

• to maintain an attitude that respects free competition and consumers' rights;

• to maintain relationships inspired by fairness and integrity with the Public Administration, political parties and with all institutions of social life;

• to consider the protection of the environment and the prevention of all forms of pollution with constant commitment.

As associates:

• to participate in the associative life;

• to contribute to the associative choices in full autonomy from internal and external pressures, having as a priority the interest of the entire category and of the association;

• to establish and maintain a full associative relationship and exclude the possibility of associative relationships with competitors or conflicts;

• to respect the directives that the Association must provide in the various subjects and to express their personal positions in advance in its own seats of internal debate;

• to promptly inform the Association of any situation likely to change its relationship with other entrepreneurs / or with it, asking for the necessary and adequate support.

ART. 3-Associative top management

1.The election is subject to the verification of the full compliance of the candidates with a rigorous and effective adherence to irreproachable personal, professional and associative behavior.

2. Candidates undertake to provide the competent authorities with all the necessary and requested information.

3. The nominated / elected undertake:

• to take up positions in a spirit of service to the associates, without making use of them for direct or indirect benefits,

• to maintain a behavior inspired by autonomy, integrity, loyalty and a sense of responsibility towards members and institutions, ensuring independence with respect to personal policy options in carrying out the assignment;

• to follow the confederal directives, contributing to the debate in its own seats, but maintaining the unity of the system towards the outside;

• to make confidential use of the information they become aware of by virtue of their duties;

• to maintain with the political forces a behavior inspired by autonomy and independence, providing correct information for the definition of the legislative and administrative activity;

• to effectively involve the decision-making bodies of the Association for a participatory management that is open to the various instances;

• to relinquish their mandate if for personal, professional or objective reasons their stay may be harmful to the image of the business and of the Association.

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